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Drop-off/Pickup Info

Arrival- Doors Open at 7:45AM

Students who are being dropped off by car in the morning need to be dropped off on the sidewalk nearest the school for their safety.  We have several adults helping with this in front of the school.  Please approach the school by heading east on Gilbert St. and have your child be able to be let out of your vehicle on the passenger side.  This will put them directly onto the sidewalk and out of the flow of traffic.  Students should not be dropped off on side streets or from vehicles headed west on Gilbert Street.  While on Gilbert St, please be mindful of our neighbors' driveways and intersections that buses are trying to enter Gilbert St. from.  We ask that families enter Gilbert St. from a side street as far west as possible to get to the end of the line.  Thank you for your cooperation while we keep our students, families, teachers, and staff safe.  

Pre-K families only should park on Forest Ave. and walk their pre-K kiddos to the pre-k doors.  This is the only exception to morning drop off parking as other side streets should not be used to drop students off.  When this happens, it presents a safety issue with unnecessary crossings and stops the car line for those who are following the requested procedure.  

If your child is eating breakfast at school, please have them here as close to 7:45 AM so they have as much time as possible to eat and get to class on time.  Early drop-off is not permitted and students should remain in vehicles until doors open at 7:45 AM daily.     

Dismissal- Starts at 2:40 PM

Students who are picked up by car will be released at the main entrance in a safe and orderly fashion to vehicles headed eastbound in the car line on Gilbert Street to ensure their safety.  Please be sure to have your carline nametag visible to help expedite your child to the front of the building.  Please DO NOT park on side streets to receive your child as this disrupts the flow of the pick up line and presents a safety issue with unnecessary crossings.  It also stops the car line for those who are following the requested procedure.  You will be asked to get in the car line and students will not be released otherwise.  Please help us by following this requested procedure.  

Walkers should be received by the flag pole.  We ask that parents do not wait near the doors to the school as there are nearly 500 students who need to get to their buses or rides.

***All students should have a transportation plan for dismissal from their family and share this with their child's teacher.  Please note that we will follow that plan unless you approve a change and you get receipt that this change was received by the school or your child's teacher.  Our teachers may not have an opportunity to check emails or other messages you send throughout the day with changes for transportation as they are busy teaching class and supervising students all day.