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Drop-off/Pickup Info

Arrival and Dismissal at West View

Students who are being dropped off by car in the morning need to be dropped off on the sidewalk nearest the school for their safety.  Please approach the school by heading east on Gilbert Street.  Students should not be dropped off on side streets or from vehicles headed west on Gilbert Street.  This will allow for students to safely arrive at school and will speed up the drop-off procedure.  Thank you for your cooperation.   

If your child is eating breakfast at school, please have them here at 7:45 AM so they have as much time as possible to eat and get to class on time.  Early drop-off is not permitted and students should remain in vehicles until doors open at 7:45 AM daily.     

Dismissal for all elementary students is at 2:40.

Students who are picked up by car will be released at the main entrance in a safe and orderly fashion to vehicles headed eastbound in the car line on Gilbert Street to ensure their safety.  Please DO NOT park on side streets to receive your child as this disrupts the flow of the pick up line.  You will be asked to get in the car line and students will not be released otherwise.  Please help us by following this protocol.  

If you have more than one student who attends West View, and are car pick-up's after school, please consider completing an application for the back parking lot pick-up. 

Back Parking Lot Application

All preschool students and their siblings will be picked up in the back parking lot.  Please park you vehicle and receive your child at the preschool doors. 

If your child walks or bikes home on their own, they will be dismissed immediately from the exit as determined by parents after checking with their child's teacher.  If you receive your child by walking or biking yourself to school at dismissal time, please ask the nearest staff member for assistance in getting your child to a safe spot to receive them.  Please do not ride your bike on sidewalks on school property. 

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe during drop off and pick up!