First and Third Graders Contraction Surgery
Collaborating Teachers: Sandy Burks, Adrianne Mahaffey, Kasey Hyneman, Fran Short

Supply Donations from: The Rector Dental Group

On behalf of The Rector Dental Group we wanted to make a donation of these supplies to support hands on learning activities and show our continued support of our local schools and community.  We would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday.


Using a theme of the board game “Operation”, students conducted their own operation for our “Contraction Surgery”.  Students wore gloves and masks as they cut and glued words together to form contractions (they will = they’ll).  The contractions they created from the cut-out letters on a sheet of paper with a picture of Cavity Sam from the board game .  Third graders did this as an independent project and then teamed up with first graders to teach them how to construct the contractions on their own papers as well. 

This experience is geared to create a memorable learning experience for all students involved.  This will provide the younger students exposure to the Language Arts skill, while increasing third graders retention skills.

Please visit the Contraction Surgery Gallery for more pictures of this collaborative lesson.