Dual Language Program

We are accepting applications for the Dual Language Immersion program

The MCS Dual Language Immersion program is a researched based enrichment model of instruction that views the acquisition of a second language as a tool for learning.  The goals of the program are those based on research from the Center of Applied Linguistics (CAL).

The Three Pillars of Dual Language Immersion Programming:

  1.  Bilingualism and biliteracy are the first goal in the Dual Language Immersion program. Because students are learning content in two languages, they must be able to speak, write, read, listen, and use each language as a support for the other
  2.  The second goal of the MCS Dual Language Immersion program is to ensure high academic achievement for every student in both languages. This means that every student, regardless of their background or educational needs, will be taught rigorous, grade-level content in Spanish and in English.
  3.  The final pillar is sociocultural competence. It is the one goal that the other two pillars rely on.  Students will learn the flexibility needed to engage with cultures while developing an appreciation for cultures unlike their own.  They will be able to see differences as opportunities instead of obstacles.

What Do Parents Say?

"Having our son in the Dual Language Program has not only enriched his learning but it has also had a positive effect on our entire family.  Now we strive to seek out different types of cultural adventures more than ever. We didn't always seek to understand others' cultures, but now we are much more aware and interested!  That makes us all better humans!" - 1st Grade Family

"My kindergartner wants to practice her reading in Spanish every night!  How many parents can say that?!" - Kindergarten Family

"I knew my son needed to be challenged. I wanted to give him more than just harder schoolwork. The Dual Language Immersion classroom was the perfect fit!  He is reading at the top of his class, even though he just started learning Spanish.  Being bilingual will last much longer than his time as a West View All-Star and that makes the extra effort worth it to me." - 1st Grade Family

For more information about the Dual Language Program at West View Elementary, please contact Eric Ambler at eric.ambler@muncieschools.org